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Have you dreamed of living mortgage free in a tiny house on wheels? Here is a rare opportunity to make your tiny house dreams come true! This pro-build steel-framed luxury tiny home is ready for a new owner.
✅ Green checks are complete. Yellow ✔️ Checks mean they need to be finished and most major parts are included.

🏡 About the Tiny House:
77 square feet inside
Lots of windows provide natural light
Insulated for year-round living
Steel-framed shell on wheeled trailer
+ Many More Features
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🛌 Bedroom/Living:
1 loft bedroom with elevator bed system (Most parts included)
Elevator Bed (needs finishing)
1 Queen Memory Foam Mattress
Outward-opening 32′′x 80′′ steel exterior security insulated door
High end unpickable Door lock (Bowley)
Adjustable Elevator Desk
🚻 Wet-Room:
Bathroom with composting toilet
Stainless steel Custom shower Pan
Cirrus Misting/rain handheld Shower
Natures Head Composting toilet
Chrome Moen Fixtures
Vent for Toilet
Walls in Bathroom Need Finishing
🍳 Kitchen:
Nova Kool 5.8 cubic feet DC fridge
Custom cabinet and countertop
Nesta Stainless steel sink with strainer
Matte Black Moen Arbour pull down faucet
UV 3 stage water filter
TapMaster foot Faucet control
Pre-wired for off-grid solar power
Solar Air Heater (Lightly Damaged, needs re-installation)
Lunos Air Exchange
Eco Temp 2.5 Gallon water heater
26 Gallon Fresh and Grey water tanks + Pump + Pressure Gauge
Electrical Control Panel needed
🚪 Walls/Structure:
Vic West 28 Gauge Metal siding/Standing Metal seam roofing
Windows: 3' x 3' & 30"" x 13"" triple pane tempered
Bluwood OSB + Purebond VOC free Plywood
Smart tint for 3'x3' Activated by switch
Velux Flat Roof Exit skylight 3'x3' with telescopic Ladder
R26-R16 Roxul Insulation in Floor, ceiling and walls with poly vapor barrier

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Small and Portable.



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🎓 Professionally Built

With over $30,000 off the original list price, this deal won't last long! Buying this tiny house is cheaper than building your own. It was made using green, VOC-free materials by experienced craftsmen.

🚔Act Now

Act fast, because a tiny house of this quality at this price will sell fast. Serious buyers only! Limited Time Deal - Act Now! The huge price reduction makes this tiny house very urgently for sale. We are looking for buyers ready to take action immediately before this rare opportunity is gone!

🌱 Glowingly Popular

The tiny house lifestyle is growing in popularity. Take advantage of this chance to get into a tiny home on wheels at a steal of a price. But act fast - with a discounted price this low, the unit will sell quickly to a savvy buyer.

🧳 Portable Freedom

Your next adventure awaits! Imagine the freedom and possibilities of tiny house living. Downsize your life without sacrificing comfort or quality. Minimalism at its finest! The tow-able steel frame allows you to take your tiny house anywhere.

Why would I want to live in this tiny house?

Please contact us with questions! We're happy to help you learn about the benefits of tiny living and why this tiny home is a rare opportunity not to miss. Act fast before this steal of a deal is gone! Email us at

What are the benefits of living in a tiny house?

1. Financial freedom - tiny homes are an affordable housing option that allows you to avoid mortgage debt and high rent
2. Minimalism - living in a small space forces you to focus on what's important and avoid clutter
3. Sustainability - tiny homes are energy and resource efficient, have a small environmental footprint
4. Freedom to travel - tiny homes on wheels allow you to take your home anywhere

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Is living in a tiny house comfortable?

1. Although small, tiny homes utilize space efficiently - lofts, murphy beds, multi-purpose furniture make them livable
2. This tiny home has high-end finishes like granite counters, full-sized appliances, hardwood floors
3. Windows and skylights make the space feel open and airy
4. Clever design features maximize every inch to provide all the necessities

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What makes this tiny house special?

1. Professionally built with top-notch materials and craftsmanship
2. Has over $50k in upgrades like smart home automation, energy-efficient appliances
3. Solar-ready for off-grid sustainable living
4. Mobility allows you to travel and relocate your home anywhere

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Why is this tiny house discounted so low?

1. The sellers need to urgently sell for personal reasons
2. This is well below market value and significantly less than building your own tiny home
3. Serious buyers will recognize this discounted price is an unbelievable steal!

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There is only 1 house available! Contact today get priority.

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💲Heavily Discounted

One price for everyone

Down from a build price of $55,000 CAD (with 5k extra parts and labour)

One Time Fee

Save $1,000 -$2,000 per month.
Over 5 years, rent cost $60,000 - $120,000.
Save minimum $30,000 within 5 years.

4  Areas Need Finishing

Electrical, Solar Heater, Couch/Elevator Bed, Bathroom Wall along with the estimated cost to finish/repair.


⚡ Electrical ($500 - $1,000)

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Electrical was been wired for solar and plug in options. Needs a breaker panel and it will be able to be connected to a generator or mains/rv power.
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It is prewired for solar, so you can mount panels on the roof, a charge controller, inverter and batteries, and you will be able to run this fully off grid. Estimated cost of $3,000 - $10,000 depending on how many days of power you want as a backup.
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Internal wiring all done, any competent electrician should be able to finish off the basic panel.

♨ Solar Heater ($100-$1,000)

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Solar Heater was damaged by a thief and i can not reinstall it myself now due to an injury.
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It should be an easy job, I have discounted the price low enough that it should be pretty easy to find a contractor that can repair it. It is not needed in warm months, but should be reinstalled anyways.
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Currently covered by a waterproof coating, can get more of the siding and close off that wall,

🛋 Couch / Elevator Bed (Labour $500)

tick icon
Elevator bed and desk are both functional. Needs to be manually moved. I have most of the parts for a pully system to make this easier, but it is not installed.
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Wood for couch bed included, many easy iterations for this online, can share my designs if you are interested.
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There is space for a small closet over the water tank beside the bed here.

🛁 Bathroom Walls ($100-$500)

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Bathroom walls are currently OSB bluwood.
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Shower (pre-plumbed) and window are both done. Toilet is functional. Custom stainless steel shower pan for wet-room functionality, like a Japanese wetroom.
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Walls can be finished with a sealant or tiles. I was going to do a thin stainless steel finishing because it looks awesome.

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